10 tips to avoid solar thermal cowboys


Solar panels are a fantastic investment that will help you to save a small fortune on your energy bills, whilst even providing a guaranteed income for years with Government payment incentives.

What’s important though if you’ve made the decision to invest, is to choose a great installer for the job. Unfortunately there are still cowboys lurking around, so if you aren’t vigilant you could suffer.

So to make things easy, we’ve compiled 10 tips you should be following when it comes to selecting the right solar panel installer for the job.

Take a look below:

  • 1. Ensure the installer actually looks at your roof and inspects the condition it’s in.
  • 2. Your hot water cylinder will also need to be looked at to make sure it can be changed and the new one will fit.
  • 3. Your hot water usage should also be questioned; be wary if installers don’t ask about your personal water usage.
  • 4. Something you should never do is sign-up on the day. No matter how much pressure is put on you (and steer clear of companies who use pressure tactics), give yourself time to think everything through.
  • 5. Make sure you always compare quotes between a number of companies. This gives you an opportunity to get the best price.
  • 6. Each solar installation should be different, so ensure your personal considerations have been taken into account.
  • 7. Try to get some referrals from past customers. This will put your mind at ease and also ensure you’re using the right company.
  • 8. Avoid getting a direct quote online as your home and situation needs to be inspected to give an accurate reflection in price.
  • 9. Avoid companies providing large solar collectors and small cylinders. Whilst you always have a full tank, efficiency levels can be low.
  • 10. Just so you know, installing a solar system should be a two day job. The first day will be setting up all the roof work, whilst day two will be fitting the actual solar system and installing the cylinder and connecting pipework.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • With solar PV you’ll generate free electricity whilst earning a lucrative earning with the Government’s feed-in tariff.
  • Solar thermal panels help to heat hot water and benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive payment for seven years.
  • Solar panels will last for 25 years and more, providing decades of savings and earnings and helping to avoid the National Grid rates.
  • Energy prices have doubled since 2004 and solar panels offer an escape from the clutches of the UK’s large energy suppliers.

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