Planning for cheap solar panels


On most occasions there are no regulations regarding the installation of cheap solar panels on your roof. Of course, with everything there can be problems if neighbours have something else to say on the matter and complain about glare or other effects they’d suffer from.

Essentially though, cheap solar panels are rarely rejected by local councils and planning permission authorities. The best advice we can give is contacting your local planning authority before any work is taken place on the property.

There are some areas of the UK which are known to have cheap solar panels rejected though for conservation reasons.
These are:

  • Listed buildings
  • National Park buildings
  • Properties in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Properties in the Norfolk or Suffolk Broads
  • Any other local/national designation

For properties where there are regulations in place, a suitable alternative could be cheap solar panels roof tiles. A professional roofer should fit these tiles and a qualified electrician hired to set up the electric current converter and a battery installed to store the charge.

Most tiles come with a five-year warranty, although a 20-year life expectancy is probably more realistic.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Solar panels are now priced at a record low, providing an excellent return on investment for every buyer.
  • The feed-in tariff scheme will help homeowners earn over £500 annually with solar panels.
  • Solar panels will help to reduce your yearly electricity bills by over £100, providing over two decades of savings.
  • The generous export tariff ensures no electricity is wasted as it’s sold to the National Grid for a set price.
  • As gas and electricity prices continue to increase year-on-year, solar panels offer a way to guarantee your energy future.

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