Solar thermal panels prices


Over 60% of your annual energy bills cover heat generation, so more and more homeowners are looking to reduce their expenses with renewables such as solar thermals panels. National Grid gas and electricity continues to increase in price and a solar thermal installation will guarantee your energy for 20 years and more.

Solar thermal panels are fitted to rooftops and collect heat, which is then used in the home. Collectors capture heat, which is transported to the boiler or immersion heater where the temperature is increased and stored in a water cylinder.

The temperature can then be raised if necessary with your property’s central heating system, before supplying you with heat in the home or hot water for baths and showers.
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The larger the solar panel system you have installed, the more heat that will be produced. This effectively means you’ll save a greater amount on energy bills.

Solar thermal panels prices

Solar thermal panels prices have reduced over the last five years and with Government grants such as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), an investment isn’t as costly as it once was.

  • Cheapest solar thermal panels prices – £1,000
  • Average cost of a solar thermal system – £4,800
  • Most expensive solar thermal panels prices – £8,000

The above solar panel prices are only estimations, and you could pay more or less for your own installation. In order to get the best price on the market, compare quotes from reputable companies near you.

The financial benefits of solar thermal panels
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  • Reduced heating bills

With solar thermal panels you’ll be able to end your reliance on National Grid prices and some thermodynamic models will save you up to 80% on your annual energy bills. This is on average nearly £600 every year.

  • Income with Government Incentive

In the summer of 2013, the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will roll out to domestic installations. Early indications suggest the tariff rates will be 17.3p/kWh for solar thermal installations, paid out over seven years and allowing you to earn a substantial profit on investment.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Solar thermal panels generate heat for your home, reducing bills by between £55 and £80 a year.
  • Did you know your heating accounts for 60% of your energy bills? Solar panels can help to slash your expenses.
  • Lucrative Government incentives ensure you’re paid hundreds of pounds every year for the renewable heat your system produces.
  • You can receive a grant worth up to £600 off the installation of solar thermal panels with the RHPP scheme.
  • Solar thermal panels offer an escape from the rising price of grid gas and electricity and will secure your energy future.

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